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How to Treat Ear Congestion

There is a drumming or ringing, a throb in strange cadence, in your ear. It may not get your slightest consideration, but it does get a bit of your attention, would it not?

Auditory congestion may happen because of some circumstance you are in or may have come into or as some consequence of a prior or concurrent condition. It may even set it off by some accumulation inside the ear itself, wax.

There is some importance to know why you have ear congestion, truthfully, since persistence of this would entail professional intervention. That would make a mountain out of a mere mound which is unnecessary.



If you do get to have that discomfort, here are a few things you can do for relief upon knowing how you got to be where you are.

  • Sinus-related condition. The neighboring nose might cause some mumbo jumbo to your ear, and it is time to do something.
  1. Blow your nose; relieving pressure inside your nose may ease your ears.
  2. Nasal decongestant; rhinitis relief may lead you to comfort in your ears.
  3. Irrigate that nose; put saline solution into each of those nostrils, one at a time.
  4. Feel the steam; humidify the nasal passages and do this not just once.
  5. Rehydrate; drink up lots of water to replenish and fill up the other organs.


  • Buildup of fluids. You swam at the beach or at the pool like you won’t be back there again in your life. What a time that is with your friends, but then you can’t hear them suddenly.
  1. Tilt your ear towards your shoulder then pull the ear lobes or jump to drip the water out.
  2. Apply hydrogen peroxide for ears into your ear, or any over-the-counter alcohol-containing ear drops, lie down with ear ground-wise and wait for a few minutes.


  • Travel by any means. Car, train or plane; it does not matter which, but the elevation is of concern.
  1. Open your mouth as elevation progression is ongoing; pressure relief.
  2. Do the Valsalva maneuver: pinch nose, close mouth, exhale as if in bowel (go to the proper receptacle if something do comes out). Do this twice.


  • Wax accumulation. Some have it, some don’t; others come in waxy, some have it dry and flaky; to each his own. Soften the wax with ear drops, olive/mineral oil, or saline solution then scrape it out.


  • The girl or boy that sat next to you in the bus with unclear intentions caused these. Pop in antihistamines or anti-allergens will do you good but follow wisely the stated instructions.


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