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Lawrence Chow / ENT Doctor

ENT Blog

We are eager to have a good health so that our family and we can often join together to taste a variety of dishes, take a smell of sweet flowers, listen to wonderful music, and freely talk together to share our pleasant experience. We hope they will not lose their daily happiness due to suffering from hearing & speech impairment and ENT diseases.


HK ENT Specialist is a Hong Kong based ENT clinic centre offering comprehensive professional ENT services, Audiology & Speech Therapy, and Medical Cosmetic Services. It covers Ear (Otology), Nose (Rhinology), Throat (Laryngology), Head and Neck Surgery, Audiology & Hearing Aids Prescription Service, Cochlear Implant, Sleep Disordered Breathing Management, Facial Plastic Surgery, and Medical Cosmetic Services, etc.


We believe that prevention is better than cure. Acquiring proper ENT knowledge and information can help you to prevent from the occurance of ENT problems. By combining modern advanced medical technology and quality ENT care services, it is able to treat ENT diseases suffered earilier. Hence, HK ENT Specialist set up this blog providing relevant ENT knowledge and information about the ENT diseases and their symptoms, prevention and treatment methods, etc. They are classified into different categories such as ENT diseases and health, Children ENT problem, Sleep Disordered Breathing, Hearing and Speech Therapy, etc. for your reading and reference.


Media interview:


TV interview of our ENT Specialist, explaining Vocal common diseases, hoarse, laryngeal symptoms, vocal protection, and treatment methods.



Media interview of our ENT specialist, explaining, “allergic rhinitis”, its causes, symptoms, and treatment methods.


註: 本站無論中文繁體,中文簡體和英文內容所提及的疾病和治療方法僅供讀者參考,並不代表本站推薦該種療法,亦不能代替專業醫生診治,讀者如有需要,應該尋求專業醫生意見或聯絡香港耳鼻喉專科。