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Head and Neck Surgery

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HK ENT SPECIALIST operates ENT Head and Neck Surgery Centre providing quality, comprehensive services for both paediatric and adult ENT healthcare needs. Our experienced professional team includes consultant otorhinolaryngologist, audiologist & speech therapist, and well-trained nursing team. They aim to provide comprehensive professional ENT services for screening, diagnosis, treatment & rehabilitation in all aspects of ENT diseases by using state- of-art technology. Minimally invasive surgery is contemplated to acheive optimal treatment outcome, quick recovery and minimal surgical complication.


In addition to general ENT examination and treatment, our ENT clinic centre offer assessment and appropriate treatment to patients with snoring or sleep apnea, hearing aid prescription, and cochlear implantations from diagnosis to rehabilitation for both adults and children.


Our ENT Head and Neck Surgery Centre also provides screening and treatment of head and neck cancer, with a particular focus on tumours in nasal cavity, sinuses, skull base, oral cavity, tongue, soft palate, hard palate, salivary gland, pharynx, larynx and thyroid. Other services include diagnosis and treatment of different types of neck masses or lymph node diseases.


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Learn more about our Head and Neck Surgery

The ENT Services provided by our ENT Head and Neck Surgery Centre includes: