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What is Hearing Aid
A hearing aid is an electronic assistive device which helps the user with hearing problems to communicate by amplifying sounds and speech. As similar to eyeglasses for people with visual problems, hearing aids are important for people with hearing loss.

Basically, there are four components in a hearing aid:
The microphone is mainly to pick up sound waves and converting them into electrical signals. Then, the amplifier strengthens the signals and the receiver reconverts the amplified signals into sound.

Misunderstanding of the right hearing aid
Even if the hearing aid has been circulated in the market for many years, but some people still on the hearing aid there are many misconceptions, they believe that:
"Hearing aids bulky and clumsy"
"The hearing aid is often given the annoying whine"
"The operation and maintenance of hearing aids is very troublesome."

Fortunately, above all not the facts, the facts:
"Smallest hearing aid than a dime but also small"
"Reinfusion of the latest technology, hearing aids greatly reduced"
"Most hearing aids are fully automatic, easy to operate"

The use and limitations of hearing aids
Drug therapy or surgery can not be effective in improving the hearing impaired, hearing-impaired can use a hearing aid, a way as auditory rehabilitation. Although hearing aids can not make the hearing impaired recovery, but can be by the amplification of incoming sound leaving voice easy to listen to, and greatly improved communication skills, hearing-impaired can enjoy the same social and hearing persons life.

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