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How to Treat Nose Congestion

A condition as old as man himself and a discomfort everyone experiences at one time or another. The young to the aged, from the north to the south, across the seven seas, it smitten those at certain kinds of weather or situation: a stuffy nose.


Nasal congestion or, as the health professionals prefer, rhinitis is nothing serious but can last up to ten days. The word “rhinitis” comes from the Greek word “rhino” for the smelling organ and “itis” that means inflammation.


It can be so stuffy you need to breathe through your mouth, or it can be watery you will be weary of wiping it that you feel your nose has gotten bloated twice its size. It has become uncomfortable you don’t bother if it is a virus, or allergy, or temperature change. You want it out.



There may be variations of one or two of the items listed below which actually is a reflection of practice and culture. Be that as it may, relief from stuffy nose may be done by:


  • A humidifier is a help. The machine produces mist from water for you to inhale that soothes those irritated nasal tissues and blood vessels nearby that, if present, liquifies mucus.
  • Savor the hot shower. Fundamentally, the heat of the steam is of the same effect as the first treatment that dilates and soothes nasal tissues and blood vessels all the same.
  • Hydration is imperative. Drink as much as you can with recommendations by professionals to be at least 2 liters a day. Water, without you knowing, actually is essential in the bodily functions of m
  • Not just water. Steam from simple water is very much effective but water may alone be questionable. Why do we not put salt into it and make a steamed saline solution to put it higher than simple water.
  • Drain that nose. You will need a squirt implement called “neti pot” to flush out mucus and water out. This is an augmentation to the nose blowing that splatters everywhere.
  • Compress it warmly. Done in a bag or a wet cloth, warmth will open stuffed up nerves and vessels. By allergy, virus, or temperature change, this is a sure shot if done always.
  • Decongest is well. This is an alleviation that will need OTC (over the counter) medications such as nasal sprays and pills. Nasal sprays may come as complicated as they come.
  • Medication. Serious medication for this discomfort may happen if you have allergies or viruses and bacteria that exhibit abnormalities; consultation is necessary then.


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