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Top 7 Tips for Tinnitus Prevention

Tinnitus is the condition when you hear ringing or noise in your ears. It’s very annoying, and unfortunately it’s not exactly rare. It can affect up to 15 to 20 of people. It’s not really life-threatening, but why should you go through with it when you can avoid it?


Here are some tips that can keep tinnitus away:

  • Keep your hearing aids and earplugs clean, because they can cause infections.
  • Don’t put things in your ear if you can avoid it. Not even cotton buds are necessary, since your ears can clean themselves naturally.
  • One necessary time to use earplugs is when you’re going to be exposed to extremely loud noises. If the sound will go over 85 decibels, it will be too loud over a period of time. Some sounds are dangerous even if they only last an instant. This is why earplugs are mandatory for the gun firing range.
  • Relax and keep a healthy life balance. Learn how to manage your stress. When you’re overly stressed or anxious, you may develop tinnitus. So before you get to that point, try to learn meditation or do yoga. If you can afford it, get massages every week to de-stress. Exercise regularly and eat nutritious meals.
  • Try to get far away from audio speakers. If you’re going to a concert or a club, the spots near the speakers are the most dangerous for your ears. Don’t worry; you can still appreciate the music even when you’re a bit farther away. The same principle holds true at home when you’re listening to music. Don’t station the audio speakers right next to your ears.
  • If you’re using headphones, don’t crank up the music. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing hard rock or heavy metal songs which are meant to be played loud. Have a friend stand by your side when you’re wearing your headphones. If they can hear the music you’re playing, you’re playing the song too loud.

What you have to realize is that you generally can get used to a certain level of volume. That’s why people who learn to play music loud tend to play it loud all the time. But try to play your music at a lower volume. It may seem too quiet at the start, but soon you’ll get used to it and it will sound just fine.


  • Rest your ears regularly. If you’re in a noisy environment, you may get used to the sound but you’re unaware that your ears are actually stressed by the continuous barrage of noise. So let your ears rest and get out. Use mufflers if you have to, just to get to a quiet place!



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