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Diplacusis Facts

For many people, problems with hearing are often associated simply with the inability to hear clearly. But our sense of hearing is much more complex than that, and in some cases the problems can be much more complicated. Such is the case with the type of hearing loss known as “double hearing”. Doctors call this condition diplacusis, though there are several types.


Types of Diplacusis

This problem happens when one ear develops more hearing loss (or a different type of hearing loss) than the other ear. There are several variations to this condition.


Diplacusis Dysharmonica

This is the most common type of diplacusis. It happens when you hear the sound normally in one ear, bit with your other ear the sound is at a different pitch. It’s true that each ear hears sounds at slightly different pitches all the time, and our brain just tends to regard them as the same. But in this case, you may hear very different pitches so that you hear a C note in one ear and an F# in the other ear.


Diplacusis Echoica

This is when the timing of tones is somewhat different in each ear. In one ear the timing is normal, in the other it comes a bit late. Because the sound in one ear comes later, that same sound seems like an echo.


Diplacusis Binauralis

This happens when you hear the same sound differently in each ear. One ear may perceive a sound at a different timing or a different pitch than the other. Unlike the dysharmonica or echoica variants, both ears may be hearing the pitch or abnormally.


Diplacusis monauralis

This is when one ear hears the same sound as two different sounds. So in this case one ear may normal, but the other ear somehow interprets a sound as 2 different sounds.


Causes of Diplacusis

The cause of this condition can either be due to damage to the inner ear or an obstruction in the ear. Your inner ear can be damaged when you’re suddenly hit by a deafening noise, like an artillery barrage or a loud gunshot. You can then end up with NIHL or noise-induced hearing loss.

You may also have suffered some trauma to the head that may have damaged your inner ear. Even some medications can also lead to inner ear damage.

An obstruction to the ear can be the cause of the diplacusis, and this in turn can be caused by excessive earwax or clogged sinuses. An ear infection can also cause swelling that can cause an obstruction, as well as a tumor.


If you wonder if you suffer from diplacusis, it is suggested to consult an ENT Specialist for the appropriate ENT services as soon as possible. HK ENT Specialist Ltd. is a professional Hong Kong based ENT clinic centre to offer ENT Services. Please contact us for an appointment at 3100 0555.



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