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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Ear Problems

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Ear Problems


Are you in the habit of ignoring your ear problems?


Maybe these problems just resolve themselves away so you feel no need to ask an ENT specialist. But that’s courting disaster. If you do this every time you feel something is wrong with your ear, your problem will grow worse, and you just can’t solve it by medicating. Continue reading

Ear Problems That Should Be Checked By an ENT Specialist

Ear Problems That Should Be Checked By an ENT Specialist


If you have pain in your ear, you probably have an infection. Take a look at the following ear problems to check if a visit to an ENT specialist is necessary.


Outer Ear Infections


Infections of the outer ear can cause itching in the ear canal, swelling and pain of the ear canal, discharge and crusting. If you will see a doctor, he will carefully clean your ear to fix the problem. But if your ear is quite swollen, your doctor may insert a wick that has been soaked with an antibiotic into the affected ear to treat the infection. You may also be required to put drops in your ear a few times daily to ensure the wick stays moist. For those with severe infection, you may be prescribed oral antibiotics or perhaps a cream depending on the type of infection you have. Continue reading

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