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Hearing Problems – Important Things You Need to Know

Hearing Problems – Important Things You Need to Know


Are you aware that hearing problems can start at any age? We know that this condition is more prevalent among the elderly. But young people can also experience this medical condition if they are not careful about their health. You need to take note that people suffering from hearing loss are not aware of their condition, until someone close to them brings it to their attention.


Knowing the Signs Is Important


It is important for you to understand the symptoms of hearing loss. In this way, you will not ignore the ways by which you can determine if this condition is already creeping its way towards your ears. For sure, there are definite signs that show if your ability to hear is on the wane. You need to know, so that you can prevent it from worsening, or at least you can prepare yourself for the eventuality.


Signs of Hearing Loss


Watch out for these hearing loss signs. Just having one of them already makes you a candidate for hearing loss.


  • Asking people to repeat themselves.
  • Continually turning up the volume on the stereo or TV.
  • Hard for you to understand what a person says to you.
  • Missing the punch line on a joke.
  • The spoken word of a person seems muffled.
  • Difficult for you to hear certain words in a crowd.
  • Staring at people’s mouths when you are talking to them.


Testing Your Hearing Capacity


There is a way you can test your hearing capacity. If you are not sure if your capacity to hear is on the wane, you can perform this test. They will show you if your hearing is normal or not. If you answer yes to more than two of the following questions, you need to have your hearing capacity evaluated by an ENT specialist or a certified audiologist.


  1. Do you hear better through one ear than the other when you are on a telephone?
  2. Do you have problem hearing over the telephone?
  3. Do people complain that you are turning up the radio or TV volume too high?
  4. Do you strain to understand conversation?
  5. Do you have trouble in following the conversation with two or more people talking at the same time?
  6. Do you have ringing or pain in your ears?
  7. Do you experience dizziness?
  8. Do you have trouble hearing in restaurants?
  9. Do you have difficulty understanding what others are saying?
  10. Do you have trouble comprehending the speech of others?
  11. Do many people you talk to seem to not speak clearly?
  12. Do your co-workers and family members always complain that you kept on missing what they have said?





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