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What is the Kissing Disease (Mono)?

Kiss me once and I’ll kiss you twice and then there’s mono. Mononucleosis or the kissing disease or simply mono, as it is otherwise known, is an infectious disease. You might have to ease up on your affections but catching a cold is more likely than getting infected with this one.


The Guilty One

Mono is to be taken seriously for it is no slight infection with symptoms that range from mild to severe. The complications that come along with it, however, makes it even more hazardous.

The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is the cause for this disease which may lay dormant in your saliva, blood or semen. You can get the virus through kissing, sex and blood or organ donation.

Being dormant, it may become active and once it is active you may get sick or not, but you will certainly be contagious. Many people have the virus but don’t get sick.


Medical Analysis

There are three basic symptoms of the Mononucleosis which do not, by themselves, announce the presence of EBV in your system:

  • fever;
  • fatigue;
  • sore throat.


These symptoms may even point to a separate ailment or disease that is why a visit to a medical professional will state that EBV is a clear and present danger for you. The doctor will check you for:

  • puffy spleen;
  • engorged liver;
  • blood test for antibodies;
  • white blood cell test.


Treatment and Home Care

Like all viruses, Mononucleosis can be treated with antibiotics but can also disappear on its own without treatment in a matter of weeks. These, obviously, is a mild case scenario. Nonetheless, it is sensible to:

  • rehydrate daily, not just 8 glasses, if possible;
  • limit down your household chores to rest more than usual;
  • nibble on sore throat candies or ice or gargle to ease that discomfort;
  • pop fever medicines.

It is advisable, upon feeling generally better, to ease up at school or at the workplace. Also, for your spleen to fully recuperate, avoid strenuous activities like sports. Proper cleaning of utensils, drinking glasses, the separation of toothbrushes, among other things, must be done.


Emergency Signals

In severe cases, urgent medical attention should be resorted once:

  • a sharp and unexpected pain on the left side of your tummy is felt; your spleen may be having some problems;
  • you are dehydrated; evidence is only drips of urine;
  • you have breathing troubles or trouble in swallowing; call emergency immediately.


The persistence of the disease, like it has been with you for more than three weeks, deserves and audience with the doctor also.


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