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6 Warning Signs that Can Indicate A Child May Have Tracheitis

Tracheitis or an infection of the trachea is usually occurring when someone has an upper respiratory infection. It causes the airways to narrow.

The airways of small children can swell quickly, making it difficult for them to breathe. If your child’s trachea becomes completely blocked, it can lead to respiratory arrest and death

The trachea of little children can swell and narrow very quickly and it can be very difficult for them to breath. If a child’s airway becomes completely blocked, it can result to shock, respiratory arrest, organ failure and even death.

It is imperative that the child be brought right away to the doctor once they exhibit the following signs:


Croup Sounding Cough

If the child is recently having an upper respiratory infection, an increasing deep or barking croup cough may be something to watch for as this may be a sign of an inflamed trachea. It is likely that the bacteria may be causing tracheitis.


Difficulty in Breathing

It can be observed that children who have tracheitis are in a state of labored breathing. This means they put in too much effort just to breathe. Without helping it, they may be unable to do so.



Inspiratory stridor is already considered a medical emergency as it signifies a blockage in the airways.

This must be treated right away to prevent the airway from closing completely.

The ones at a higher risk of airway blockage are children because they have narrower airways than adults.

Foreign objects, swollen tissues of the throat or upper airway, or a spasm of the airway muscles or the vocal cords may be blocking the airway.

Tracheitis is one of the most common causes of acute stridor in children.



Wheezing when breathing out is a symptom of tracheitis.

It is often confused with stridor or a single pitch, inspiratory sound that is produced by large airways with severe narrowing. The difference is that wheezing is like a musical sound and is produced expiratory by airways of any size.

Wheezing is a sign that the child is having breathing difficulties.


Fever Higher than 39°C

High fever may be accompanied by croup-like symptoms like barking cough and stridor but patients with bacterial tracheitis do not respond to standard croup therapy.

A fever is usually a sign that your child’s body is trying to fight an illness or infection. In the case of tracheitis, the child is fighting of the bacterial infection.



When the skin becomes a bluish color, the symptom is called

cyanosis or blue lips is caused by a shortage of oxygen in the blood. This usually occurs drastically when  somebody is choking.

If it is subtle and gradual, it may be due to chronic underlying conditions such as lung diseases or chronic heart defects.

Blue lips can indicate that the child has tracheitis and his ability to breathe is deteriorating


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