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swallowing problems

Swallowing Problems Due to Eustachian Tube Malfunction

Swallowing Problems Due to Eustachian Tube Malfunction


If you are experiencing ear pain and it is affecting your ability to swallow, your Eustachian Tube might be the reason. To be sure about the cause, you need to have your condition checked by an ENT doctor right away.


Eustachian Tube

This tube is actually a small canal connecting the middle ear (the part behind the eardrum) with the back of the upper throat and the nose. Its main function is to balance or equalize the air pressure in the middle ear with the pressure of the outside environment. Continue reading

How to Treat Swallowing Problems

How to Treat Swallowing Problems


Your body is composed of many systems that are working together. Since these systems are all encased in your body, if one system malfunctions, the other systems will also be affected.


Diagnosing Swallowing Problems


If you are continually experiencing swallowing problems, you need to determine the root cause. The right person to help you verify what really causes your condition is an ENT doctor. He has the education and training to properly diagnose and recommend the right treatment for all kinds of swallowing problems. Continue reading

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