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4 Things To Do Immediately When You Lose Your Voice

Loss of voice or a hoarseness in the voice isn’t life threatening but when it gets in the way of communicating with your family or friends, it can be very inconvenient. Perhaps you’d stayed longer than usual at a karaoke place or you may have gotten too excited at the winner of the World Cup Series.


Laryngitis happens for a number of reasons. It can be caused by an infection, a strained vocal cord, or a combination of the two. Regardless of the reason, here list 4 things to do when you lose your voice to help you get your voice back.



1.Zip it, Thanos.

The very first thing you want to do after losing your voice is refraining from talking. Your larynx has muscle components and gets worked out very similar to how you train your muscles in the gym. Making sure it gets ample rest gives it time to heal itself.


Laryngitis resolves itself in a week and usually does not need hospitalization or medications. Keeping quiet is all you need to do.



2.Avoid coffee.

Hot beverages are supposed to help someone with a sore throat right? The answer to that is yes, and the reason why coffee isn’t helpful despite being a hot beverage is that it does more harm than good.


Caffeine is a diuretic – it will make you have frequent visits to the bathroom and the only way to get back what you’ve lost is drinking lots of water. That’s why vocal coaches stress on the importance of keeping hydrated. It’s the same method in the fitness industry where hydration is very important to muscle recovery. Your ability to speak is possible because of these muscles.




More often than not, laryngitis is an aftermath of a very tiring cheering squad practice or an intense singing lesson. Sleeping will help direct your body’s efforts in repairing the damaged parts.


It’s also easier for the heart to pump blood when you’re horizontal, and blood rich with nutrients and oxygenated red blood cells will help repair your voice box.



4.Use a humidifier.

These devices work by delivering moist air into the surrounding area. They’re not only useful for people afflicted with allergies, but they’re also good for people who have lost their voice. If drinking water is painful, then delivering moisture by breathing it in is an alternative.


If your humidifier has an option to use a cool or warm mist, choose the cool one if you’re experiencing severe inflammation. If the laryngitis is caused by an infection, it’s more ideal to use the warm mist setting. The additional warmth will kill most bacteria as they don’t survive above normal body temperatures.


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