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Physical and Mental Preparations for a Tonsillectomy

Tonsillectomy is a common procedure wherein the tonsils are removed through surgery. Keep in mind that as a surgical procedure, it isn’t to be undertaken without careful discussions between you and your ENT doctor. You will be considered a suitable candidate for a tonsillectomy if your tonsils are large, or if you have trouble breathing at night, or if you’re experiencing frequent throat infections.


Due to the fairly invasive nature of a tonsillectomy, you should be well-prepared for it physically and mentally. You will be put under general anesthesia, a slightly scary thing in itself, followed by the surgeon removing either both the tonsils or just the affected tonsil tissue.


Physical Preparations

Even if tonsillectomy is a fairly routine procedure, you must be relatively healthy for the surgery. Your surgeon will ask for physical and laboratory exams to be performed, which can take a day or two. These exams can include blood tests, such as a complete blood count, clotting factors and electrolytes, and checks for blood pressure and glucose levels.


Be honest about your medical history and other possible risk factors. If you have a bleeding disorder, your doctor may evaluate your suitability for a tonsillectomy, for example.


Depending on your response to the surgery, you may be sent home on the same day or spend a night at the hospital. In either case, you have to make arrangements for a family member or a friend to drive you home from the hospital.


A few more important things to consider as part of your physical preparations.

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes before showing up to the hospital on your scheduled day for surgery. You should be able to change from your street clothes to a hospital gown easily. Don’t wear your jewelry and makeup but do take a shower.


  • Stop eating and drinking at the recommended time, usually about 8 hours before the operation. For example, if your operation is at 8 a.m., you will be asked to fast starting at 12 midnight.


  • Stop taking medications according to your doctor’s recommendations. These can include ibuprofen, warfarin and naproxen, which increases bleeding.


Your ENT doctor will give instructions on what to do before your surgery – follow them for best results.


Mental Preparations

Be honest about your mental health, too. This is because people with major mental health issues have to be further evaluated before surgery so as to decrease the risk of side effects and complications. People with depression and anxiety disorders, for example, are closely monitored, especially during the recovery period.


If you have concerns and questions about your scheduled tonsillectomy, you should discuss them with your surgeon. You will likely get the right answers, perhaps even be reassured about the safety of the procedure, and have your concerns addressed.


In the end, a tonsillectomy is an elective procedure. You may or may not choose to go through with it but it’s a decision best discussed with your ENT doctor.


For more details of the tonsillectomy, please consult HK ENT specialist (the professional ENT clinic centre).




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