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Why You Need An ENT Specialist

Why You Need An ENT Specialist


An ENT specialist is a medical provider who specializes in the treatment of ears, nose and throat problems. If not for ENT specialists, people who are experiencing hearing loss, difficulty in breathing, sleep apnea and so forth will not be able to live normal lives. They provide the right evaluation and diagnosis of the ENT problem and prescribe the right medical procedure or treatment in order for the patient to live as normal as possible.


Some of the ENT problems that ENT specialists are qualified to treat are:


  • Ear Infections

This condition occurs when bacteria or fungus are trapped in your ear canal. You may have this problem if you experience hearing loss, balance problems, pain in the inner ear, upper respiratory infection, and drainage from the ear.


Ear infections are prevalent with small kids. Be wary if they have balance problems, are irritable especially at bedtime and have fever. Their ears could be infected.


An ENT specialist is well trained and knowledgeable in treating ear infections. You need to see him to stop the problem before it gets worse.


  • Sleep Apnea

If you or any one of your family member experiences constant brief cessation of breathing while asleep, you may have this problem. Some of the symptoms are snoring and gasping during sleep, headaches, waking up feeling unrested, fatigue, dry throat upon waking up, and waking up several times during sleep at night.


Sleep apnea is rather difficult to treat because it has many causes. But an ENT specialist is able to correctly make a diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment because it is part of his education and training.


  • Sinus Infections

If your sinus cavities are infected by bacteria or virus, you will have sinus infection. The common symptoms of this condition are headache, difficulty in breathing, sneezing and coughing, runny nose, pain around the eyes or across the Nose Bridge, bad breath and toothache.


Treating sinusitis infections is one of the most common ENT problems that an ENT specialist can readily solve. He can administer medication to the patient or prescribe a medical procedure if the sinusitis problem has been going for a long while.


  • Tonsillitis

You have tonsillitis if your tonsils are inflamed for long periods of time. If the inflammation is severe, it will interfere with your ability to breathe and to swallow since your tonsils are enlarged, swollen, tender and painful.


The most common symptoms of tonsillitis are swollen lymph nodes, nasal congestion and runny nose, red swollen tonsils with patches of pus or completely covered by pus, difficulty in swallowing, raw and bleeding patches on the tonsils, and fever.


This is a serious condition which can lead to tonsillectomy. If you don’t want your tonsils to be removed, consult an ENT specialist at the first sign of the problem.





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