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6 Bad Habits that Increases the Chance of Getting Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis, which is most commonly referred to as “sore throat” usually occurs during the colder months of the year. It can cause scratchiness in the throat and difficulty swallowing.

Pharyngitis may be caused by bacterial or viral infections and is very easy to catch if people are stubborn enough not to avoid these bad habits:


1。Not Getting Enough Water, Rest and Sleep

Pharyngitis is often accompanied by headache, fever and pain, all of which can be easily prevented if only people will keep their immunity functioning at its best when they get a complete eight hour sleep and keep themselves hydrated.

Water therapy is often used to treat common colds and sore throats and dehydration worsens it.

Anything which is bad for the immune system or the body’s ability to fight off infections can contribute to the spread of diseases that cause pharyngitis. So it is very important to keep hydrated and get enough sleep.



2。Sharing Food, Drinks and Eating Utensils.

When people avoid sharing food, drinks and eating utensils, they also avoid the most common viral and bacterial causes of pharyngitis other than pharyngitis itself. Some of these highly contagious diseases are: measles, adenovirus, chickenpox, croup and group A streptococcus.

Viral infections such as common cold, influenza, or mononucleosis, as well as the less prevalent bacterial infection, strep throat can cause pharyngitis.

In some rare cases, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and corynebacterium can also cause bacterial pharyngitis and everyone knows how easy virus and bacteria can spread when people share cups and spoons so it will be best not to do it even with people very close to us to prevent spreading diseases.



3。Going to Crowded Places

Again, avoiding close contact with anyone who may be carrying bacteria or viral infection in them may help prevent acquiring anything which may cause pharyngitis. Some infectious and contagious diseases are airborne and people working in healthcare are constantly exposed so it is best to avoid crowded places altogether unless one’s job calls for it. If that is the case, the person must always protect himself by avoiding close contact and eating immune boosting food.



4。Having Poor Hygiene

People who are unable to make it a habit to wash their hands often before eating and after coughing or sneezing can be a contributor in the spread of disease. They can also get it easily by not washing after exposing themselves or touching infected areas.



5。Not Using Disinfectants

Simply keeping themselves and their surroundings clean may not be enough in preventing infection completely.  Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers when soap and water aren’t available is highly recommended to keep the usual culprits of throat infections away.



6。Exposing Oneself to Smoke

Exposure to secondhand smoke can increase the risk of getting pharyngitis so one should avoid inhaling second hand smoke and avoid smoking too. Again, anything which is bad for the overall immunity can cause pharyngitis and this is especially true when people smoke.

If you have been experiencing symptoms such as voice changes, constant coughing, pain when swallowing, ear pain and sore throat that has not disappeared for more than two weeks, get yourself checked by a qualified doctor. It could be nothing but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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