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Deviated Septum Overview

Deviated Septum Overview


There is no such thing as a perfect nose. In fact, majority of people have noses that are a bit crooked. Some of them are bad enough that they may need a deviated septum surgery, which is a procedure where the septum (center of the nose), is straightened.


People with severely curved noses are excellent candidates for surgery. Yet many of us don’t really know we have this problem. The condition, if left untreated, could lead to breathing difficulty and sleep apnea, which may be life threatening.


So, to help you find out if you have a deviated septum, here are some symptoms to watch out for:


Difficulty Breathing


A crooked septum makes it hard for air to go through the nostrils and the lungs. Consequently, you will have trouble breathing—especially when you have allergies or colds. Runny nose make your nasal passages become swollen, further constraining your breathing ability.


Regular Nose Bleeds


Some patients with a deviated septum experience frequent nosebleeds. This is due to the curvature of the septum creating problems as air passes in the nostril. The more turbulence there is on the septum, the drier your nostrils become and that can lead to nose bleeds.


Frequent Sinus Infections or Colds


A clogged airway may lead to sinus infections and “common cold” symptoms. If you are having frequent sinusitis and medicines don’t help, you may need to see an otolaryngologist so he can check whether a deviated septum is to blame.


Headaches and Facial Pain


People with a deviated septum complain about feeling “clogged up” and say they often have headaches and pain in their face such as in their nose. In some cases, the pain is caused by the nasal septum coming in contact with the exterior wall of the nose.


Difficulty Sleeping


Many symptoms of a deviated symptom cause difficulty in sleeping, especially when this problem affects your ability to breath properly. And when your nose is heavily congested, you will really find it hard to sleep. You could stay up all night or wake up several times during the night because of this. A deviated septum can cause sleeplessness and this in turn will make you irritable the next day. But the gravest danger of a deviated septum is sleep apnea. When you stop breathing in your sleep, the consequence could be fatal.


Treating a Deviated Septum


The only way to treat a deviated septum is through surgery. Many ENT doctors perform surgery for this purpose. But before you make a decision, make sure to consult a specialist who can recommend the best course of treatment for your specific condition. Your ENT doctor is highly trained to diagnose and treat various problems related to your nose.





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