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How to Clean Your Child’s Ears

Many people may only see earwax as a problem and just another thing to clean off of your body, but it actually serves some pretty important functions. It protects the eardrum and provides a waterproof lining for the ear canal, keeps the ears dry and free of germs that may cause infection, and prevents dirt, dust, and other foreign particles from getting into the ears and irritating the eardrum.


It is produced in the outer ear canal and slowly gets to the opening of the ear, and this is where we usually see it when we know it’s time to clean our ears. It’s really not complicated to clean out the ears, and most of the time, regular bathing gets rid of earwax. However, cleaning another person’s ears – let alone a child’s – can make you a little nervous.


Here is how to clean your child’s ears.


You would think using a cotton swab is the way to go. Why not? It’s small, it’s thin, and it fits right into the ear. It will get all of the earwax out and effectively clean my child’s ears! Wrong. The most important thing to remember is to never use anything smaller than your elbow when cleaning a child’s ear. A cotton swab or a finger will only push the earwax even further inside, causing it to build up in there. It can also poke the ear and damage the eardrum and the ear canal.


A simple washcloth, dry or damp, is actually effective in removing excess earwax from the opening of the ear and is enough to keep the ears healthy. Just wiping the outer parts of the ear with it regularly will do.


If your child has a buildup of hardened earwax, never try to do ear candling. Experts advise against this practice because it’s not proven safe and may only lead to infections.


The best thing to do is to soften up the earwax with a few drops of oil. To do this procedure:

  • Take a bottle of olive oil or mineral oil and hold it in your hand for a few minutes to warm it up.
  • Then, put a few drops of the oil into the ear that you suspect has a buildup.
  • Ask your child to lie down on their side, with the affected ear facing up. Have your child stay in that position for a few minutes.
  • Ask your child to sit up and wait for the earwax to come out. Wipe it off with a washcloth.


If your child complains of pain, discomfort, or if there’s any sign of an ear infection, bring your child to the ENT doctor as soon as possible.




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