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vocal cord paralysis

Vocal Cord Paralysis and its treatment

Vocal Cord Paralysis and its treatment


What is Vocal Cord Paralysis?

Vocal cord paralysis is a condition where the nerve impulses in and around the larynx or voice box are interrupted. The muscles within the larynx are then halted and paralyzed, causing the patient to lose the ability to speak and in some cases breathe. This is because the larynx is not just a functionary organ for speech – it is also partly responsible for control food and drink intake, ensuring that nothing enters the trachea, leading to the lungs. Continue reading

註: 本站提及的疾病和治療方法僅供讀者參考,並不代表本站推薦該種療法,亦不能代替專業醫生診治,讀者如有需要,應該尋求專業醫生意見。