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Sleep Disorders Caused by Vertigo

Sleep Disorders Caused by Vertigo


When your ears have problems, you may not only suffer from hearing loss, but you will also experience other related deficiencies as well. In fact, you may experience sleep disorders because of the interrelated functions of your ears, nose and throat.


One of the ear problems that can affect the quality of your sleep is vertigo. It is difficult to have this condition because when you lie in bed, you will feel as if the whole world is going round in circles. When you have vertigo, the simple act of lying in bed will be frightening. Continue reading

Do Sleep Disorders Cause Ear Problems?

Do Sleep Disorders Cause Ear Problems?


You are likely to have ear problems if you are afflicted with sleep apnea. If you examine the anatomy of your ear, you will see why having a sleeping disorder will lead to a number of ear problems.


Ear Problems and Sleep Apnea are Inter-related


You cannot effectively get rid of your ear problems without treating your sleep apnea first because your ear and throat are inter-connected. Ear problems can be better managed by understanding the various kinds of ear inflammation caused by sleep apnea together with a clear understanding of how the mechanism of your ear works. Continue reading

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