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ENT Knowledge Base (Chinese)

ENT Knowledge Base

neck masses

What are Neck Masses?

What are Neck Masses?


Neck masses are also often referred to as neck lumps. Any kind of swelling or bump along the neck is referred to as a neck mass. They can be benign and completely harmless or they can be signs of more severe health concerns such as cancer.


Neck masses may be very hard or they can be very soft. They might be located under the skin or they could sprout from one of the vital structures within the neck. Understanding where they form is vital in determining what kind of mass it is and what the real problem is. Continue reading

註: 本站提及的疾病和治療方法僅供讀者參考,並不代表本站推薦該種療法,亦不能代替專業醫生診治,讀者如有需要,應該尋求專業醫生意見。