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ENT Knowledge Base (Chinese)

ENT Knowledge Base

ear pain

Ear Pain and Discomfort – What It Is and How It’s Treated

Ear Pain and Discomfort – What It Is and How It’s Treated


Often referred to as an earache, this could refer to any form of irritation such as a burning sensation in the ears or a dull, constant pain that does not go away. Some earaches come with tinnitus, a sharp ringing sound inside the ear.


Ear pain is more common in children than it is with adults. When it does occur in adults it is often accompanied with a sensation of vertigo or even Meniere’s Disease, a sign that there is something wrong with the inner ear. Continue reading

Ruptured Eardrum Symptoms and Treatments

Ruptured Eardrum Symptoms and Treatments


A ruptured ear or perforated tympanic membrane occurs when a tear or hole appears in the eardrum, separating the middle ear and ear canal. If this occurs, your middle ear becomes susceptible to injury and hearing loss. While some ruptured eardrums heal quickly, others require treatment or surgery.



Ear pain is the most common symptom and may be accompanied by bloody, pus filled or clear drainage. You will also experience some degree of hearing loss, hear ringing sounds or feel vertigo, resulting in vomiting and/or nausea. It’s very important you see a doctor because the inner and middle ears are very delicate and susceptible to disease if not treated. Continue reading

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