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ENT Knowledge Base (Chinese)

ENT Knowledge Base

difficulty swallowing

Difficulty Swallowing: What Can I Do?

Difficulty Swallowing: What Can I Do?


Difficulty swallowing is medically referred to as dysphagia. It often indicates a problem in your throat or your esophagus. This condition is most common in older adults and babies, as well as in individuals with a nervous system disorder. There are many reasons why people have difficulty swallowing. Some are harmless and others require medical attention. If you only experience it once or twice, then it probably doesn’t merit a visit to the ENT doctor. But if you experience it frequently, it may mean you have a serious problem and you should see an ENT doctor as soon as possible. Continue reading

註: 本站提及的疾病和治療方法僅供讀者參考,並不代表本站推薦該種療法,亦不能代替專業醫生診治,讀者如有需要,應該尋求專業醫生意見。